zodiacsong-Amber McLeanMy “song” is without doubt, the most divine connection to spirit I have experienced, alongside the present moments I have with my children. The clarity of, connection to & contribution from, my Soul Project has been beautifully amplified & accelerated by my Zodiac Song Meditation. It’s simply divine perfection. Thank you Lisa and Errol!!! I’m blessed. xx


Amber McLean
Founder & Facilitator of The Ambodhi Alliance

zodiacsong-Kim Elkington

Listening to my Zodiac Song puts me back into alignment within myself and with the universe….
It works beautifully if I am stressed or feeling out if sorts, to get me back to feeling centered and radiant. Wonderful if I am already feeling great and just wanting to pump my energy up a few not notches. … a refreshing cosmic shower.  om)


Kim Elkington
Owner at Algonquin Tea Company

Zodiacsong-Terri Bowman

Errol’s music is really designed to help people overcome mental exhaustion. The music relaxes the brain enabling people to sense that their overwhelm being lifted. It’s doesn’t heal the nervous system but it does help reduce the fatigue levels which enables the brain to slow down and feel relaxed enough to cope with stress. I know some of my clients use it as a pick me up during their day.

Terri Bowman
Owner at Brain Wellness Spa

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